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Rockets Launched at Israel, Fall Short in Gaza

6 October, 2019   |   1 week ago

Gaza-based terrorist late Friday night launched two rockets towards Israel. The rockets set off alarms at several locations in Israel, but the rockets fell short of their targets and exploded within the Strip.

Israel did not respond to the attack.

The incident occurred after some 6,000 Gazans rioted on the border with Israel, during which one rioter was killed and 14 were injured.

IDF Captures 3 Infiltrators on Gaza Border

3 October, 2019   |   2 weeks ago

IDF forces on Wednesday night captured three Arabs who infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip.

The IDF stated that its forces identified three suspects who crossed the perimeter fence in the southern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. The troops who were alerted to the area surrounded and then and arrested the suspects.

No one was wounded in the incident.

Infiltration attempts on the border with the Strip happen several times a week, usually by Gazan Arabs seeking work in Israel. However, the Israeli forces treat each such incident as a potential terrorist attack.

In related news, IDF forces carrying out counter-terrorism operations throughout Judea and Samaria arrested 13 individuals suspected of involvement in terrorist activities and violent riots against civilians and Israeli forces.

In addition, IDF troops searched and seized illegal weapons in Shechem (Nablus).

Forces Capture 2 Arab Arms Dealers in Jerusalem

2 October, 2019   |   2 weeks ago

Border Police troops on Wednesday arrested two Arabs suspected of dealing in arms at a checkpoint in the Jerusalem area, with large sums of terror funds in their possession.

Intelligence sharing between the Israeli police and the IDF led to an operation carried out by Border Policemen stationed at the Kiosk Checkpoint at the entrance to the Arab town of Abu Dis, in the vicinity of Jerusalem.

Acting on the information, the troops identified and stopped a vehicle belonging to one of the suspects. The second suspect was in the car as well.

A search of the vehicle yielded a bag containing a large amount of money, including about NIS 80,000 in cash, 2,700 euros, $3,350, several dozen dinars and dozens of checks.

The defense establishment believes that the two have been involved in the trafficking of weapons and that the money they had in their possession was used to fund terrorism.

The two suspects are residents of the city of Jenin in the Palestinian Authority (PA) in their late 20s.

“The cooperation between the security organizations operating in Judea and Samaria, including that between the Israeli police and the IDF, contributes greatly to countering terrorism and strengthening the security of Israeli citizens,” the Border Police stated.

IDF Arrests 32 Arabs during Riot in Tul Karem Area            

26 September, 2019   |   3 weeks ago

IDF forces operating in the Arab town of Schweich, in the Tul Karem area, on Wednesday night was faced with some 150 Arab rioters who threw rocks at the troops. The forces responded by crowd control means.

They arrested 32 suspects and confiscated several vehicles.

There were no Israeli casualties in the incidents.

In addition, Israeli forces conducting counter-terrorism operations throughout Judea and Samaria arrested 11 wanted persons suspected of involvement in terrorist activity and violence against Israeli civilians and the IDF. The suspects were taken for questioning.

History: First Female Officer Appointed Commander of IAF Squadron

25 September, 2019   |   3 weeks ago

Israeli Air Force (IAF) Lieutenant Colonel G. made history on Tuesday when she became the first female pilot to receive the command of a squadron.

LTC. G. received the command of the Nachshon Squadron, which is responsible for airborne signal intelligence collection.

LTC. G., 35, joined the IAF in 2003 and graduated as a transport pilot. At the end of the course, she was assigned to 135th Squadron and later moved to the 131st Rhino Squadron and held a variety of command positions the IAF’s at Flight School

In 2019, she served as Head of Evaluation in the Planning and Control Division of the Power Building.

“LTC. G, the mother of two sons, is a role model and an inspiration to thousands of women in the State of Israel,” said Air Force commander Gen. Amikam Norkin.

“Well done, our first female operational squadron commander in the Air Force, we’ve been waiting for that for 71 years,” he stated.

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