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Jerusalem: Policeman Lightly Wounded in Shooting in Arab Neighborhood

31 March, 2020   |   1 week ago

An Israeli police officer was lightly wounded on Monday evening when an elite unit operating in the Arab neighborhood of Shua’afat was shot at.

The police stated that a Border Police undercover unit, which was engaged in an operation to arrest a suspect, came under fire. The policemen returned fire, hitting one of the shooters.

Immediately after the shooting, the forces entered the house from which the shooting occurred and found a gun that was used in the shooting, dozens of bullets and other combat equipment.

The police arrested five suspects, including the prime suspect wanted by police on suspicion of his involvement in shooting incidents in the area.

After exiting the scene, it became apparent that one of the bullets shot at the policemen tore the sleeve of one of the troops and scratched and wounded him very lightly.

In addition, Arab rioters threw Molotov cocktails and rocks at the forces, who responded with crowd dispersal means. One of the police dogs was hit in the head with a rock, was lightly injured and was transferred to veterinary care.

The Border Police stated that “the swift and determined response” of the undercover officers led to the arrest of the suspects in the shooting and the wanted person.

The police further state that its activities in Shu’afat will “continue and even intensify in the near future in view of the attempt to harm the security forces.”

The neighborhood of Shu’afat in eastern Jerusalem is often the scene  of violence and crime.

Netanyahu’s Aid Diagnosed with Corona, Will He Enter Quarantine?

30 March, 2020   |   1 week ago

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aid was diagnosed with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Sunday, raising the question whether he may be forced to enter quarantine.

Rivkah Paloch, Netanyahu’s aid on Ultra-Orthodox issues, was infected by her husband and was confirmed as a carrier on Sunday and entered a quarantine.

She had met with ministers and Members of Knesset in recent days but was wearing a mask and gloves while in the Knesset.

Sources in Netanyahu’s office said that they “will act according to the Ministry of Health’s directives.”

Netanyahu, 70, will be tested for Corona on Monday. He had already been screened a week and a half ago and was tested negative.

There are currently four MKs in quarantine, two of the ministers.

The number of Coronavirus cases in Israel on Sunday rose to 4,247, the Ministry of Health confirmed, as three more people died, bringing the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 among Israelis to 15.

The number of total cases released by the Ministry Sunday night showed a 17 percent increase on Saturday. Out of the over 4,000 people tested positive, 74 are in serious condition with 59 on ventilators.

Gazan Terrorists Fire Rocket at Israel, IDF Fires Back

29 March, 2020   |   1 week ago

Gazan terrorists on Friday night fired a rocket at Israel, setting off alarms in several communities in the vicinity of the Strip.

The rocket exploded in an open area, causing no injuries or damage.

Responding to the attack, an IDF aircraft and tank attacked Hamas military positions and infrastructure in the northern Strip “used for underground activity,” the army said.

This was the first attack on Israel in weeks, and the first that occurred during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the country.

The Ministry of Health issued a special directive for those who are in quarantine and are required to run for a safe room for cover during an attack.

Israel Passes Corona Testing Kits, Protective Mask to PA

26 March, 2020   |   2 weeks ago

The IDF’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) delivered 3,000 testing kits for detecting Coronavirus (COVID-19) and 50,000 protective masks to the Palestinian Authority (PA), another Israeli step to help the PA combat the spread of the virus.

The equipment, which was donated by the World Health Organization (WHO), was transferred on Wednesday from Jordan into the PA through the IDF.

COGAT head Gen. Kamil Abu Rukon stated that “this is another instance that COGAT is working closely with the World Health Organization to assist the PA in combating the Coronavirus outbreak.”

He “applauded the cooperation with the international organizations for the important and common purpose,” and “wished for the robust health of all the residents of the region” and  expressed hope that the IDF “will continue to work together in the fight against the spread of the dangerous virus.”

In related news, the Al Makassed Hospital in eastern Jerusalem held professional training sessions on Wednesday for the preparation of hospital departments to receive Coronavirus patients. The hospital received assistance from the Israeli Ministry of Health to establish an ICU for COVID-19 patients.

Israel has shut down its crossings into Gaza and the PA-controlled areas in Judea and Samaria to stem the spread of the virus.

The PA has recorded 64 cases of Coronavirus and experienced its first Corona related death on Wednesday when a woman in her 60s from the village of Biddo died of the virus.

Of the 64 Coronavirus cases, two are in Gaza, while the majority of the cases are concentrated in the Ramallah and Bethlehem areas.

COGAT has been assisting the PA’s health ​care system in the effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Judea and Samaria and in the Gaza Strip.

COGAT has published the Israeli health ministry guidelines on prevention and protection from the virus spread and ways to deal with contagion and outbreak in Arabic.

Civil Administration Health Coordinator Dalia Basa said earlier this month that “bacteria and viruses do not stop at the border, and the spread of the dangerous virus in Judea and Samaria can also jeopardize the health of the residents of Israel.”

Israel will continue to assist the PA “both as an Israeli interest and for humanitarian reasons,” she added.

Rivlin Continues Discussions on Coronavirus with World Leaders

25 March, 2020   |   2 weeks ago

President Reuven Rivlin spoke on Tuesday with President Miloš Zeman of the Czech Republic and President Zoran Milanović of Croatia following the global spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In his conversation with Zeman, Rivlin “expressed the solidarity felt by Israelis for Czechs, saying the spread of the disease and the steps taken by the Israeli and Czech governments is similar. Both people have known how to overcome difficulties and to rebuild in the past, and we will do so again this time,” his office stated.

Zeman thanked Rivlin for his call and told him of the situation in his country with the spread of the virus.

Rivlin also spoke with President Zoran Milanović of Croatia, “congratulated him on his election to the presidency and expressed his sorrow that the coronavirus was the occasion of their first conversation.”

Rivlin thanked Milanović for his country’s assistance in bringing dozens of Israeli students back home.

“The two discussed the strong bilateral relations and President Rivlin expressed his hope that they would only become deeper and stronger,” Rivlin’s office said.

These two conversations were the latest of a series held by Rivlin in the past week.

On Sunday he spoke with King Felipe VI of Spain and with Armenia’s President Armen Sarkissian.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Tuesday with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel on ways to fight the virus.

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