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Israeli Killed during Trip in Germany

12 August, 2019   |   2 weeks ago

An Israeli citizen was killed during a trip to Germany. He fell while visiting the Eagles Nest in the south of the country.

The victim was said to be in his early 30s, from the north of the country.

The Foreign Ministry said it was working to bring the victim back home for burial in Israel.

IDF Captures Terrorists Who Murdered Dvir Sorek

11 August, 2019   |   2 weeks ago

Israeli Special Forces on Saturday captured two terrorists who murdered IDF soldier Cpl. Dvir Sorek near his yeshiva on Wednesday evening.

The IDF stated that it located and arrested the two terrorists suspected to have committed the attack. The two were found in Beit Kahil, situated a few miles down the road from the site of the attack.

19-year-old Corporal Dvir Sorek was stabbed and killed in a terrorist attack Wednesday night. He was neither armed nor in uniform and was on the way to the yeshiva where he was studying.

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday night praised the Shin Bet and the security forces for “apprehending the murderers of Dvir Sorek within 48 hours.”

“In recent years our forces have laid hands on all of the Palestinian murderers who have attacked Israelis and today they have done so again,” he stated, “we will continue to forcefully fight terrorism on all fronts.”

Muslim Detained for Assaulting Cops on Temple Mount

7 August, 2019   |   2 weeks ago

A Muslim on Wednesday was detained by police after assailing Israelis who visited the Temple Mount and spitting at them.

He assaulted the police while they attempted to detain him. He was injured and was evacuated for medical treatment.

The police plan action against him in the future.

Civilian Working at IDF Base Killed in Accident

6 August, 2019   |   2 weeks ago

A civilian working for the IDF was critically injured by a fire extinguisher that exploded while he was conducting “routine work” at the Tel Hashomer military base in the center of the country on Tuesday, the IDF stated.

The injured person was taken for medical treatment at the hospital and his family was notified. He died shortly after of his injuries. He was identified as Shai Gabai, in his 30s.

Another worker was lightly injured by the explosion and was likewise evacuated for medical treatment at a hospital.

6,395,396​ Eligible Voters Have the Right to Vote in September

5 August, 2019   |   3 weeks ago

The Central Elections Committee published general data ahead of the 22nd Knesset Elections slated for September 17.

Number of eligible voters


Number of regular voting stations


Total number of voting stations


​Number of ballot boxes in consulates and diplomat missions outside the country (voting to take place on September 5, 2019) ​97

Number of parties registered to run for Knesset


Number of Special Accessible voting stations, for mobility-impaired voters


Number of accessible voting stations for mobility-impaired voters


1 2 3 4 265