Glances in "Disasters" Category

Tel Aviv in Coronavirus Lockdown

A man sits on the Tel Aviv beach and drinks a Corona beer during the Coronavirus lockdown, which was ordered by the Israeli government ...

Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market Become Ghost Town Amid Coronavirus Shutdown

The Carmel Market ( Shuk Hacarmel ) in Tel Aviv is empty amid the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent shutdown.

War on Corona in Israel Continues

A Dan bus company member prepares to disinfect the company's buses as a precaution against coronavirus.

Corona Phobia in Tel Aviv

Tel Avivian g about there business amid fears of the Coronavirus.

Jerusalem’s Central Mall is Empty

Jerusalem's Malha Mall essentially became a ghost town the government ordered the shutdown of all public venues amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Firefighters Fight Against Coronavirus

Firefighters from Israel National Fire and Rescue Authority disinfected the coronavirus quarantine area at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat ...

People Rush to the Stores Amid a Coronavirus Scare

Israelis at several locations rushed to the stores to stock up on supplies as new Coronavirus restrictions were introduced.

Firefighters Battle Blaze at Esh Kodesh in Shiloh Valley

Firefighters from the Israel Fire and Rescue Services at the scene of a fire which broke out in a residential tent near the ...

Northern City of Nahariya Incurs Heavy Flooding

The streets of the Northen city of Nahariya were flooded on Sunday and damage was caused to vehicles and other property. Heavy ...

Couple Drowns in Tel Aviv Flood

A couple in their 20s drowned on Saturday when torrential rains in Tel Aviv flooded the elevator they were in. They went down to the ...