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Opposition MK Gilad Kariv Gets Angry at Knesset Debate on Death Penalty for Terrorists

Labor opposition MK Gilad Kariv held back by security during a heated Knesset National Security Committee debate held on the subject of ...

PM Netanyahu Casts His Ballot for Judicial Selection Committee Knesset Rep

In a surprise the opposition's candidate was elected to the national judicial selections committee and the coalition's candidate was voted ...

Israelis Demonstrate Against Judicial Reform

An estimated 70,000-100,000 Israelis gathered in Jerusalem's government district on Monday to protest a controversial judicial reform plan.

Over 100,000 Protest Judicial Reforms in Tel Aviv

A Smiling Benny Gantz Strolls Through the Knesset Unworried that His Government May Soon Fall

Benjamin Netanyahu Has Reason to Smile – He Expects New Elections Soon and Polls Show His Return to the Premiership if So

Yamina Party Leaders Seen in Happier Times May Soon Be Out of Jobs as Their Coalition Flounders

Yamina Party’s Own Knesset Faction Chair MK Nir Orbach Quits Coalition

MK Nir Orbach Might Have the Future of Naftali Bennett’s Government in His Hands

Likud MK Eli Cohen Speaks at the Eshkol Judea and Samaria Economic Summit