Three Terrorist Stabbing Attacks Prevented in Jerusalem and in Hebron

27 October, 2015   |   6 years ago

Jerusalem, 27 October, 2015 (TPS) -- Three potential stabbing attacks were prevented in the morning and afternoon of October 27, with Israeli security forces catching Palestinians wielding knives, an axe, and even a sharpened ruler.

In Hebron, two female Palestinian teenagers tried to enter the Cave of the Patriarchs, and refuse to be searched by Policemen at the entrance. They shouted ‘allahu akbar’ and that they ‘came to liberate Palestine’. According to a police spokesperson, this sparked the policemens’ suspicion. They apprehended the women and searched their bags, where they found two knives.

In Jerusalem, a 15-year-old male was apprehended after suspiciously following policemen in the Old City. Police detectives searched him and found a ruler, which was carved and sharpened into the shape of a knife. The suspect, resident of Silwan, was taken for questioning.

Later, a policeman apprehended two Palestinian youths near the Old City, after they suspiciously observed pedestrians looking very nervous. An axe and a knife were found in their belongings.