Photo by Courtesy Israeli Foreign Ministry on 30 October, 2023

Israel: Bodies of Three Hostages Recovered in Gaza

Public By TPS • 17 May, 2024

Jerusalem, 17 May, 2024 (TPS) -- The bodies of three Israeli hostages were recovered today from the Gaza Strip.

Speaking late Friday afternoon, Israel Defense Force Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said the bodies of the hostages have been identified as Itzhak Gelerenter, Amit Buskila, and Shani Louk.

Hagari further said the bodies were recovered during an overnight mission in northern Gaza on Thursday-Friday conducted by the military and Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet).

The three Israelis had attended the Nova Music Festival near Re’im on October 7 and had sought refuge in the nearby Mefalsim area after the attack had begun. However, according to Hagari, they were killed in Mefalsim by Hamas terrorists, and their bodies were carried to the Gaza Strip.

Speaking on Friday, Hagari said, “According to the credible information we have gathered, Itzhak Gelerenter, Amit Buskila, and Shani Louk were murdered by Hamas while escaping the Supernova Music Festival on October 7, and their bodies were taken into Gaza. They were celebrating life at the Nova Music Festival, and they were murdered by Hamas. “We will leave no stone unturned. We will do everything in our power to find our hostages and bring them home. We will not rest until we do this,” added Hagari.

At least 1,200 people were killed, and 252 Israelis and foreigners were taken hostage in Hamas’s attacks on Israeli communities near the Gaza border on October 7. Of the 129 remaining hostages, some 40 are believed dead.