Photo by Anthony Hershko/TPS on 8 April, 2024

Islamic Jihad Commander Killed in Rare Airstrike on Jenin

Public By Pesach Benson • 19 May, 2024

Jerusalem, 19 May, 2024 (TPS) -- In a rare Israeli airstrike in Samaria, an Israeli fighter jet and helicopter destroyed a Palestinian Islamic Jihad operations center in the Jenin refugee camp during the weekend after determining the terror group was planning an “imminent attack,” the Israel Defense Forces announced on Saturday.

The IDF said several “significant terrorists” were inside who had been involved in shooting attacks in the Jenin area. Most notable among the terrorists killed in the strike was Islam Khamayseh, a senior Islamic Jihad operative in the refugee camp.

Khamayseh was responsible for a series of terror attacks in the area, including a shooting attack that took place in the community of Hermesh in May 2023, in which Meir Tamari, a 32-year-old father of two was murdered. Khamayseh was also responsible for another drive-by shooting attack in the area which injured four Israelis in June 2023.

The Israeli Air Force released footage of the strike.

In July 2023, the military carried out a major counterterrorism operation in Jenin, including in Jenin refugee camp, which Palestinians have dubbed “the Martyr’s Capital.” Inside the camp, the IDF uncovered laboratories for producing bombs, a rocket launcher, tunnel shafts and other weapons.

Since October 7, about 4,000 Palestinian terror suspects have been arrested in Judea and Samaria, of whom around 1,700 are associated with Hamas.