Photo by Eitan Elhadez-Barak/TPS on 7 October, 2023

Israelis Desperately Search For Info on Missing Loved Ones Feared Abducted

Public By David Isaac • 8 October, 2023

Jerusalem, 8 October, 2023 (TPS) -- Families and friends of people caught in the Hamas offensive in Israel’s South have posted pictures and phone numbers online in a bid to get in touch with loved ones. Many of those missing were attending a “Nature Party” in the desert near Kibbutz Re’im.

“My nephew Guy Gilboa-Dalal was at the trance [music] festival. We have had no contact with him. Please, anyone who saw him, any information, contact me,” wrote one in a typical social media post, which included a phone number to call.

“Anyone who saw Hadar Prince at the party please get in touch. Dana,” said another.

Still another read, “Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Friend, please share as much as possible. Bar Lior (nickname: Bar Li) was at the Nova party and contact with him was lost. … Please, anyone with any information about his whereabouts contact us.”

According to the most recent numbers, 250 Israelis have been killed since the fighting began on Saturday morning. The Ministry of Health reported on 1,452 injured who were evacuated to hospitals. The number includes 18 people are fighting for their lives, 267 in critical condition, 636 in mild condition, and 169 are under medical evaluation. Another 16 were treated for anxiety.

Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that several Nepalese agricultural students are among the missing and feared abducted.