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Israeli Man Wounded in Stabbing Attack after Two Terrorists Tried to Enter a School-Bus

22 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

A 27-year-old ultra-orthodox Jew from Beit Shemesh was moderately wounded on Thursday morning, after sustaining stab wounds in his shoulder.

Two terrorists tried to enter a school-bus. When a group of citizens stopped them, they stabbed a man next to the bus station and were eventually neutralized by police fire.

One of the terrorists was killed while the other is being hospitalized and in serious condition.

Vehicular Terrorist Attack in Ezion Region

21 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

According to a Magen David Adom spokesperson, four Israelis were injured in a vehicular terrorist attack on route 60 in the Ezion region near Beit Ummar. One of the victims is suffering a medium to serious head injury, and the three other victims are sustaining light injures.

The terrorist was neutralized.

Israeli Woman Stabbed in Terror Attack in Binyamin

21 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

A 20-year-old Israeli woman sustained critical injuries in a stabbing attack, which occurred shortly prior to 15:00, on Wednesday, October 21.

Police has confirmed  that one terrorist has been killed on the scene, while another was arrested.

Magen David Adom Spokesperson stated that the young woman was evacuated to the Hadassah Mt. Scopus hospital in Jerusalem.

Israeli Policeman Wounded in a Vehicular Attack Near Ramallah; Terrorist Escaped

21 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

A vehicular terrorist attack occured at a police roadblock around 11:10 AM on Wednesday, October 21, at a junction on Route 60 near Ramallah, north of the community of Ofra.

According to the police, an approaching vehicle with an Israeli license plate was signaled to stop for a routine check. The driver slowed down, but then accelerated towards the policemen.

One of the policemen shot towards the vehicle, but the driver continued for a few hundreds of meters before stopping and fleeing towards the nearby town of Silwad.

Army and police forces pursued him and entered Silwad for searches.

An Israeli policeman was lightly wounded in his leg, and was evacuated to Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital.

Vehicular Terrorist Attack at Gush Etzion Junction Leaves Two Wounded

20 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

Two Israelis were wounded in a vehicular terrorist attack at Gush Etzion Junction at around 3:40 PM on Tuesday, October 20. One of them, was moderately-to-seriously wounded, while the other was lightly wounded.

The terrorist was reportedly killed.


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