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Israel Will Not Return Dead Terrorists’ Bodies to Prevent Incitement During Funerals

14 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

Yesterday evening, October 13, the Israeli Security Cabinet authorized Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan’s proposal to not return bodies of terrorists who die while carrying out the attack.

Another proposal by Erdan will be discussed, stating that the terrorists will be buried in cemeteries at the edges of the country, where terrorists were buried in the past.

Minister Erdan said: “The terrorist’s family turns the funeral into a demonstration of incitement to murder and support of terrorism, and this shouldn’t be allowed. We must do everything so that a terrorist won’t be honoured in ceremonies after perpetrating an attack.”


Terrorist Attempts To Take Hold Of Israeli Soldier’s Weapon, Stabs Soldier

12 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

A terrorist attempted to grab the weapon of an Israeli soldier on a bus that was arriving near Jerusalem’s International Convention Center.

After failing to take hold of the weapon, the terrorist then tried to strangle the soldier and eventually took out his knife and struck the soldier leaving him with light wounds. The bus came to a complete stop when a citizen attempted to subdue the terrorist.

Police forces nearby immediately arrived and got onto the bus to arrest the terrorist. The terrorist had managed to take hold of the weapon of one of the police officers. Another one of the police officers immediately noticed, shot the terrorist effectively neutralizing him.

Two Israelis Hurt in a Terrorist Attack in the City of Afula

8 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

In stabbing attack which occurred in the northern Israeli city of Afula , one Israeli man sustained serious injury while another was lightly hurt.

Two victims were treated on the scene by paramedics and first responders before being evacuated to the nearby Ha’Emek hospital.

Ha’Emek spokesperson stated that the victim, 21, is in the trauma ward suffering severe injuries.

The assailant has been stopped and it is reported that he was taken into custody alive.



Israeli Stabbed in Terrorist Attack, Security Forces in Pursuit of Terrorist

8 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

An Israeli man was stabbed in his upper body by a Palestinian terrorist in the Jewish town of Kiryat Arba. The victim sustained serious injury and  was evacuated to Sha’arei Tsedek Hospital in an unstable condition.

Security forces are scouring the area for the perpetrator who fled the scene of the attack.

Tel Aviv: A Female IDF Soldier Was Stabbed and Wounded, Her Assailant Was Shot Dead

8 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

Tel Aviv (TPS) – In a terrorist attack in the heart of Tel Aviv a female IDF soldier and five other civilians were injured during a stabbing spree.

The soldier sustained moderate injuries after being stabbed in her upper body by an Arab assailant, five more stabbing victims sustained light injury and all were evacuated by Magen David Adom to a nearby Hospital.

The assailant was shot dead by security forces on the nearby Mozes Street after he attempted to flee the scene still armed.