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Stabbing Attack Attempt in Hebron; Terrorist Neutralized and Killed

28 October, 2015   |   6 years ago

A knife-wielding Palestinian tried to stab soldiers around 3:30 PM on Wednesday, October 28 near a military checkpost in Tel Rumeida in Hebron.

The terrorist was neutralized and killed, without further casualties to Israeli forces.

Netanyahu Condemns Arab MK’s Ascent to the Temple Mount Against His Orders

28 October, 2015   |   6 years ago

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a statement at around 2:00 PM in response to Christian-Arab MK Basel Ghattas’s ascent to the Temple Mount this morning:

“The Temple Mount has been calm for two weeks. We are putting every effort to preserve this calm, but apparently there are people who are troubled by it. MK Ghattas entered the Temple Mount and went to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. I promise you that he didn’t do this to pray, he did it only for provocation, and only to inflame the situation.

In accordance with my general instruction, police removed him from there. I won’t allow any MK or minister to inflame the Temple Mount, and I call on all MKs and public personalities to display responsibility, especially in this time.”


Israeli Stabbed In Gush Ezion

27 October, 2015   |   6 years ago

An Israeli was wounded below his waist in another knife stabbing terrorist attack, that occurred in the Gush Junction. The intensive care unit from Magen David Adom is transporting him for medical treatment.

The terrorist was reportedly neutralized.

Three Terrorist Stabbing Attacks Prevented in Jerusalem and in Hebron

27 October, 2015   |   6 years ago

Three potential stabbing attacks were prevented in the morning and afternoon of October 27, with Israeli security forces catching Palestinians wielding knives, an axe, and even a sharpened ruler.

In Hebron, two female Palestinian teenagers tried to enter the Cave of the Patriarchs, and refuse to be searched by Policemen at the entrance. They shouted ‘allahu akbar’ and that they ‘came to liberate Palestine’. According to a police spokesperson, this sparked the policemens’ suspicion. They apprehended the women and searched their bags, where they found two knives.

In Jerusalem, a 15-year-old male was apprehended after suspiciously following policemen in the Old City. Police detectives searched him and found a ruler, which was carved and sharpened into the shape of a knife. The suspect, resident of Silwan, was taken for questioning.

Later, a policeman apprehended two Palestinian youths near the Old City, after they suspiciously observed pedestrians looking very nervous. An axe and a knife were found in their belongings.

American-Israeli Dies of His Wounds Two Weeks After Armon Hanatziv Bus Terrorist Attack

27 October, 2015   |   6 years ago

Richard Lakin, an American-Israeli who was critically wounded in a terrorist attack that took place in Jerusalem on October 13, died of his wounds this morning, October 27.

Lakin, 76, was shot in the head and stabbed in the chest by two Palestinian terrorists on an Egged bus in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in Jerusalem. He was hospitalized in Hadassah Ein Kerem and underwent a number of surgeries, but he eventually succumbed to his wounds on October 27.

Two others were killed in the incident, and four others were injured.

The two terrorists were neutralized and killed at the scene.

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