Photo by Chaim Blaycher/TPS on 31 October, 2022

Hamas Terror Cells are ‘Waking Up’ in Hebron

Public By Baruch Yedid/TPS • 22 August, 2023

Jerusalem, 22 August, 2023 (TPS) -- The brothers arrested in Hebron on Monday night for deadly drive-by shooting were Hamas operatives looking to relieve Israeli pressure on the terror groups in the Jenin area, sources in Hebron told the Tazpit Press Service.

Mohammed and Sarker Shantir were among 32 Palestinians arrested in Israeli counter-terror operations in Judea and Samaria overnight.

Batsheva Nigri, a kindergarten teacher and mother of three was killed on Monday when terrorists opened fire on a car in the Mount Hebron area. Injured in the attack was the driver, Aryeh Gottlieb, who is in stable condition.

Palestinian sources in Hebron told TPS that Hamas operatives in Hebron are “waking up” under a Hamas decision to carry out more terror attacks in Southern Judea with the goal of relieving Israeli military pressure on Palestinian terror groups in Jenin and northern Samaria. Hamas is trying to build up its rocket-production infrastructure in the Jenin area with Iranian guidance.

The sources added that Sarker Shantir is a former prisoner, and that Akram Shantir, the father of the two, has also been detained for questioning.

TPS sources in Hebron also dismissed a claim of responsibility by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, which is aligned with the Palestinian Authority’s ruling Fatah party.

“This is not the first time that the organization takes responsibility for operations it did not carry out,” TPS was told. “This is within the framework of the competition between the Palestinian organizations for the heart of the street.”