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Israel’s Minister of Health Diagnosed with Coronavirus

2 April, 2020   |   22 hours ago

Israel’s Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman and his wife were diagnosed on Wednesday night with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Litzman, 71, and his wife are in good condition and have entered quarantine at home, an official statement said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was updated on the developments.

Litzman will continue to maintain a regular agenda from his home, in line with medical recommendations, his office stated.

Litzman has been in contact in recent days with Netanyahu, many senior government officials and the Ministry of Health’s senior management. It is yet unclear who may be forced to enter quarantine.

The announcement on Litzman’s medical state came hours after Netanyahu exited the quarantine he entered after being exposed to the virus by his aid on ultra-Orthodox issues, who was diagnosed with Coronavirus.

6,092 Israelis have contracted the virus, 27 of whom have died. 241 Israelis have recovered from the virus.

Syria: Israel Bombed Targets in the Country

1 April, 2020   |   2 days ago

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) bombed targets inside Syria on Tuesday night, apparently an attack on a military airbase, the country’s state media reported.

The official SANA news agency reported that the Syrian army’s air defenses “confronted an Israeli missile aggression east of Homs and shot down a number of the missiles before reaching their targets.”

The report said that Israeli warplanes launched several missiles from over Lebanon.

The report did not remark on what was attacked, casualties or damage.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which has assets inside the country, said that the attack targeted the Al-Shayrat airbase in Homs with more than eight missiles.

Reports in Arabic media say that Iranian army targets were the focus of the attack. Some reports discussed an attack on an arms shipment that arrived in Syria in the last day. Other reports said an Iranian military factory was hit in the attack.

The IDF has remained silent on the reports, as in most previous reports on Israeli strikes in Syria.

In general, Iran’s military build-up in Syria remains a red line for Israel. The IAF has carried out thousands of attacks to thwart the Iranian entrenchment in the war-torn country.

Iran uses its positions in Syria to transfer weapons and infrastructure to its terror proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, while attempting to establish another military front against Israel from the Syrian Golan Heights.

Israeli has repeatedly warned it will not tolerate such a threat on its northern border.

Jerusalem: Policeman Lightly Wounded in Shooting in Arab Neighborhood

31 March, 2020   |   3 days ago

An Israeli police officer was lightly wounded on Monday evening when an elite unit operating in the Arab neighborhood of Shua’afat was shot at.

The police stated that a Border Police undercover unit, which was engaged in an operation to arrest a suspect, came under fire. The policemen returned fire, hitting one of the shooters.

Immediately after the shooting, the forces entered the house from which the shooting occurred and found a gun that was used in the shooting, dozens of bullets and other combat equipment.

The police arrested five suspects, including the prime suspect wanted by police on suspicion of his involvement in shooting incidents in the area.

After exiting the scene, it became apparent that one of the bullets shot at the policemen tore the sleeve of one of the troops and scratched and wounded him very lightly.

In addition, Arab rioters threw Molotov cocktails and rocks at the forces, who responded with crowd dispersal means. One of the police dogs was hit in the head with a rock, was lightly injured and was transferred to veterinary care.

The Border Police stated that “the swift and determined response” of the undercover officers led to the arrest of the suspects in the shooting and the wanted person.

The police further state that its activities in Shu’afat will “continue and even intensify in the near future in view of the attempt to harm the security forces.”

The neighborhood of Shu’afat in eastern Jerusalem is often the scene  of violence and crime.

Netanyahu’s Aid Diagnosed with Corona, Will He Enter Quarantine?

30 March, 2020   |   4 days ago

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aid was diagnosed with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Sunday, raising the question whether he may be forced to enter quarantine.

Rivkah Paloch, Netanyahu’s aid on Ultra-Orthodox issues, was infected by her husband and was confirmed as a carrier on Sunday and entered a quarantine.

She had met with ministers and Members of Knesset in recent days but was wearing a mask and gloves while in the Knesset.

Sources in Netanyahu’s office said that they “will act according to the Ministry of Health’s directives.”

Netanyahu, 70, will be tested for Corona on Monday. He had already been screened a week and a half ago and was tested negative.

There are currently four MKs in quarantine, two of the ministers.

The number of Coronavirus cases in Israel on Sunday rose to 4,247, the Ministry of Health confirmed, as three more people died, bringing the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 among Israelis to 15.

The number of total cases released by the Ministry Sunday night showed a 17 percent increase on Saturday. Out of the over 4,000 people tested positive, 74 are in serious condition with 59 on ventilators.

Gazan Terrorists Fire Rocket at Israel, IDF Fires Back

29 March, 2020   |   5 days ago

Gazan terrorists on Friday night fired a rocket at Israel, setting off alarms in several communities in the vicinity of the Strip.

The rocket exploded in an open area, causing no injuries or damage.

Responding to the attack, an IDF aircraft and tank attacked Hamas military positions and infrastructure in the northern Strip “used for underground activity,” the army said.

This was the first attack on Israel in weeks, and the first that occurred during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the country.

The Ministry of Health issued a special directive for those who are in quarantine and are required to run for a safe room for cover during an attack.

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