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8-Year-Old Israeli Killed in Boat Accident on Hudson River

20 October, 2019   |   9 hours ago

An eight-year-old Israeli boy was killed on Friday when the boat he was traveling in on the Hudson River overturned.

One adult and seven children were on the boat off Haverstraw Bay Park when it overturned, the Rockland County sheriff said.

The victim was identified as Yosef Goldman. He was on the boat with his father and six siblings.

The news arrived in Israel on Sunday.



IDF Downs Drone Flying from Gaza

17 October, 2019   |   3 days ago

IDF forces on Thursday identified and shot down a drone that flew from the Gaza Strip towards Israel.

The IDF found the drone’s remains and took them for further inspection, an IDF spokesman stated.

No one was injured in the incident. The IDF did not provide details on the nature or type of the drone or how it was downed.

Gaza-based terror organizations have in the past attempted to penetrate Israeli airspace with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

In September, Gaza-based terrorists launched an armed drone that dropped an explosive device on an IDF vehicle. No one was injured in the attack and an IDF vehicle was lightly damaged, but it is considered a significant escalation.

Israelis Air Force (IAF) warplanes pounded Hams targets in response to the attack.

In July, an IDF unit identified a drone infiltrating from the Gaza Strip. The drone was shot down by IDF soldiers.

A UAV flying from Gaza was shot down over Ashdod by a Patriot missile battery during Operation Protective Edge in July 2014.

Hamas has been working on developing aircraft that can be used for surveillance or attack missions.

Police find Illegal Weapons, Palestinian Flag in Bedouin Home

15 October, 2019   |   5 days ago

Israeli police raided a home in Rahat, a Bedouin in town on southern Israel, and found illegal weapons as well as a Palestinian flag.

The forces exposed a Carlo submachine gun, ammunition clips, gun parts and ammunition.

The Carlo is usually produced in the Palestinian Authority (PA) in illegal manufacturing plants.

Israel is attempting to boost the police’s presence within Arab communities to combat the sky-rocketing crime rate.

The police have launched a special operation during which it seized some 4,000 weapons and other types of arms in multiple operations in the first half of 2019, 80% confiscated in the Arab society.

Police have also arrested some 2,800 suspects in shooting incidents, and hundreds of them have been indicted.

The Police have put an emphasis on the Arab community, where gun-related crimes are prevalent and the Arab sector in Israel suffers from a comparatively high crime rate.

Man Killed in Criminal-Related Assassination

13 October, 2019   |   1 week ago

A man was killed in an explosion while driving in his vehicle on Highway 421 at the entrance to Or Yehuda in the center of the country.

The Police stated that they arrived at the scene to find the car on fire. An emergency medical team announced the man’s death.

The police said the incident was criminal related.

Sharp Surge in Number of Jewish Worshipers at Temple Mount on Yom Kippur

10 October, 2019   |   1 week ago


Activists recorded a sharp increase in Jewish worshippers who ascended to the Temple Mount during the Yom Kippur holiday on Wednesday, with a 37% increase compared to last year. 360 Jews prayed at the holy place, compared to 232 Jews last year.

Special police preparations allowed for the visit of large groups reaching 70 people in a group, and the visit of more than one group simultaneously.

The worshippers reported a special atmosphere with the reciting of the Yom Kippur prayers so close to their proper place, on the Temple Mount. Prayer leaders recited the full service out of memory as they were not allowed to bring prayer books with them.

During the 10 Days of Repentance before Yom Kippur, 1,368 Jews visited the Temple Mount this year, 158 more than last year.

Activists are preparing to welcome the Jewish worshippers during the upcoming Sukkot holiday when thousands of Jews are expected to ascend to the holy site.

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