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Palestinian Report: IDF carries out raids in east Jerusalem

18 December, 2018   |   6 hours ago

IDF and Border Patrol units are currently carrying out arrests in the neighborhood of Issawiya in east Jerusalem, Palestinian media reported.

IDF releases footage from inside Hezbollah terror tunnel

18 December, 2018   |   7 hours ago

The IDF has released footage taken inside a Hezbollah attack tunnel dug from southern Lebanon into Israel, which the IDF discovered as part of Operation Northern Shield.

For the video footage click here

Moldovan President: ‘It is a great privilege for any Christian to visit the Holy Land’

18 December, 2018   |   8 hours ago

“It is a great privilege for any Christian to visit the holy land, as it is for me,” Moldovan President Igor Dodon told Israeli President Reuven ‘Ruvi’ Rivlin in Jerusalem on Tuesday, during a meeting between the two at the Presidential Residence. 

Health Ministry issues warning of Measles outbreak in central region

18 December, 2018   |   8 hours ago

The Israeli Health Ministry issued a warning Tuesday, to people who attended a rally in Kfar Chabad in Israel’s Central region, that a man with Measles attended the event and that all that attended who are unvaccinated against the disease,  should get themselves tested.

IDF soldiers face off with Lebanese Army on border

17 December, 2018   |   1 day ago

An IDF outfit on the Lebanese border got into an argument with Lebanese Army soldiers on Monday, over the location of a barbed wire fence being laid down by the IDF. The IDF is investigating the incident.

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