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Stabbing Attempt Thwarted Near Tzur Natan After Terrorist Crossed the Security Fence

1 February, 2016   |   4 years ago

A stabbing attack was prevented on Monday morning, when a Palestinian managed to cross Israel’s security barrier, which is meant to prevent attacks.

The crossing of the fence, between the Jewish communities of Sal’it in western Samaria and Tzur Natan, was identified by a nearby IDF force. The force arrived at the area of the crossing, and the terrorist then charged at the soldiers brandishing a knife and attempted to stab them. He was subsequently shot and killed by the force.

There were no further casualties in the incident. The Palestinian terrorist was identified as 17-year-old Ahmad Al-Latif Tobah from Kafr Jammal, a nearby village.

Three Israelis Wounded in Shooting Attack Near Beit El in Binyamin

31 January, 2016   |   4 years ago

A shooting attack was perpetrated at a checkpoint near the Jewish community of Beit El at about 11:00 AM on Sunday, January 31.

The attacker reportedly arrived at the military post in a Palestinian vehicle and opened fire. Three Israelis were wounded in the attack and were treated by Magen David Adom (MDA) medics. Two of them were seriously injured, and the third victim suffered light wounds.

The terrorist was reportedly shot and seriously wounded.

Suspected Stabbing Attack Near Beit Horon Near Jerusalem

25 January, 2016   |   4 years ago

A suspected stabbing attack occurred outside the Jewish community of Beit Horon, north-east of Jerusalem, at about 5:00 PM.

Two women were reportedly injured in the attack, and were taken into the community to receive treatment. One of them was stabbed in the head, and the other suffered serious wounds to her chest. Both were reported to be fully conscious.


Suspected Shooting Attack Leaves Man Lightly Injured

24 January, 2016   |   4 years ago

A man was injured from a gunshot, in a suspected terrorist shooting attack in Binyamin shortly before 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 24. According to reports from the scene the man sustained light injury and shrapnel to his head. Security forces are scouring the area.

Additionally, paramedics are treating several individuals with post trauma.

Suspected Shooting Attack Near Jerusalem

24 January, 2016   |   4 years ago

According to initial reports a shooting attack occurred close to 6:30 p.n. directly north of Jerusalem.

The alleged shooting was directed at an Israeli civilian’s vehicle from the direction in the Mishor Adumim Industrial park, near the Palestinian village of Hizma. No injuries have been reported so far and Isreali security forces are investigating the scene and scouring the are for the possible shooters.

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